Liz has been a great support throughout my battle with weight loss. Liz isn't just a counsellor that talks the talk, she is a counsellor that understands and knows the best way to coach and encourage. I'm sure there have been times when I’ve hit rock bottom and Liz has been a person that you can just talk to and she will advise you on the best way to move forward. Life isn't about do's and dont's and Liz's approach acknowledges that and nothing is ever a no or don't, it’s always, why, how or what if? Liz looks at the long term and not short term. A true inspiration and confident.


I am so glad i found Liz, she has been able to help me face a lot of my problems head on and generally made me feel more able to cope with stress/anxiety. Liz is truly exceptional at listening and helping you to find solutions and ways to deal with problems & emotions. Alongside being all round amazing, Liz is warm, friendly and offers a safe environment.

I wanted to write to you to say thank you for seeing Daughter in the summer.
My daughter is doing brilliantly now. She’s very happy to be in year 6 and hasn’t shown any signs of anxiety at all since we saw you last. The depersonalisation has disappeared which I am so relieved about. She just suddenly told me beginning of September I think it was, how it’s just gone.
Because of her therapy and the kindness shown to her, she was surprisingly calm when it came to sitting the 11+ exams and we just found out this week that she did very well. She should be offered a place at CCHS (and some of the other grammars in Essex) for September next year. We are very proud of her and she’s excited.
You really helped my daughter to put things into perspective and provided her with ways to deal with things when she felt anxious. She’s calm when going to bed now and quite often she still likes to listen to the relaxing music you suggested.
So once again, thank you for seeing her; It is so wonderful to have my daughter back to her normal happy self.

I wanted to write to you to tell you that the past year you have helped transform my life. When I came to see you to help me with my nutrition and weight loss, I had never connected how I feel about myself has such an impact on how I eat. You have helped me gain in confidence and help me realise my strengths. I cannot tel you how amazing you are and what a big difference seeing you has made to my life. Since seeing you I have transformed into a happy and confident person who now believes in herself for the first time. I have lost weight and feel amazing.

Just wanted to let you know that on 29/07/19 we welcomed our precious baby girl into the world. Thank you for helping me get through a very dark patch in my life, and teaching ways to help stay positive and process what I am going through it a more productive way.


I have seen many counsellors over the years and have found myself dismissing it as I never felt that I was moving forward. After seeing you for three weeks, I have learnt more about my thinking, how I process my thoughts and how I interact with others and why I have such low self-esteem. I am so grateful that I found you. I feel rejuvenated and for the first time in years, I feel confident to face the world and make changes I would never have been able to do.
Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

When my boss suggested that I find a Life Coach, I was confused as to what this would offer me or help me with.
My boss has found it invaluable and recommended I see you.
From my first appointment I realised that I had found a gem. You have helped me see my value and guided me to work on my wellbeing at work and appreciate me!! I have learned how to
communicate more effectively and to question more.
Setting goals as well as boundaries around how I work has been incredibly helpful. I have gained the confidence to study further to enhance my skills at work and with your encouragement, I was able to approach my company for help towards this as part of my personal development - and they agreed!! I have now enrolled on a course and it has given me a new lease of life. My colleagues have noticed a change in how I handle myself at work and how confident I have become in both myself and my work.
I cannot thank you enough. My time with you has been so beneficial and I sing your praises to everyone. Thank you!