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My name is Elizabeth Lawrence (Liz) . I am a Counsellor, Counsellor Supervisor,

Life Coach and Nutrition Counsellor.

My life is fulfilling, happy and balanced but it wasn't always that way. Several years ago, I went on my own personal journey of change.  This was a life-changing experience, tough at times but definitely worth it. I was supported by my amazing family and friends and some fantastic coaches and therapists who helped me to dig deep, find clarity and stay with the process.  There were times when I wanted to hang up my gloves and not change, but found the strength and determination to power through.  I believe this is what enables me to assist my clients to move past what limiting belief is preventing them from achieving their full potential.  My change in career has seen me working within a wide variety of fields and meeting truly wonderful people.


I offer a confidential and non judgemental place in which you can talk about, and explore areas of difficulty in your life. This could be an immediate crisis, such as a relationship breakdown, bereavement, or it may be due to more long term problems such as feeling low, anxious, or depressed or feeling the need to make changes on a professional level. I will help you to gain understanding, create solutions, strategies and progress positively. I use an integrative approach, utilising a number of methods to suit your needs. I work with adults, businesses, children and young adults, offering Counselling, Counselling Supervision, Life Coaching and Nutrition Counselling.

I regularly attend various training courses to enhance and increase my knowledge which then enables me to continually offer my clients the best treatment I can. I run various training courses for counsellors, training counsellors and supervisors. I am in regular supervision and am fully insured and governed by Codes of Ethics.

To find out more about whether Counselling, Counselling Supervision, Life Coaching, or Nutritional Counselling could help, please feel free to give me a call, text or contact me by email to see how I can help. I offer a wide range of appointment times, including evenings.

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